Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain, Bangalore...

Hi Friends,

I just wanted to share the those magic moments which I could able to catch last sunday with another feast in the beauty of Bangalore..
The Musical Fountain which is located opposite the Nehru Planetarium, just past the Raj Bhavan in the L.R.D.E. area on the way to the Golf Grounds or Chitrakala Parishat or some of the star hotels, the musical fountain is the biggest that India can boast of.

A creation of B N A Technology Consulting Ltd, Hong Kong, the musical fountain was inaugurated in 1995 with work starting on it in 1997. It is the first computerized fountain in India that has been running continuously for over four years without any trouble. Fitted with 1000 nozzles, it has 15 formations and 27 combinations of fountains on a bed area of 30 meters by 10 meters. Spread over 17 hectares of land, the park is maintained by the Department of Horticulture and includes a play area for children. At the entrance to the park is a railway engine placed in honour of the then Central Railway Minister, C K Jaffer Sharief, who presented the musical fountain.

Pyramid-shaped waterfalls: The sound and light show together with the synchronized rhythmic dancing of the fountains is truly a visual delight, together symbolizing unity in diversity. The show begins with an introduction in Kannada and a slide show on the people of Karnataka and their cultural heritage. The beginning and concluding part of the show has patriotic songs like the 'Vandematharam' and 'Saare Jehan se Achcha' being aired while simultaneously screening the tourist spots of Karnataka and that of India These are interspersed with songs in Kannada like 'Sirigannadam Galge' and 'Jogada siri Belakinalli' together with some Hindi film songs, like Raj Kapoor's 'Awaara Hoon', Amithabh Bachchan's 'Sona Sona' and AB's "Dhoom Machale" followed by thankful expressions to the Indian Railways for their generous donation. Saturdays and Sundays play a different tune altogether with Alisha Chinoy's 'Made in India'.

Skyrocketing fountain springsWith a seating capacity of about 700 to 1000 people, an average of about 500 people visit on Saturdays and Sundays. Summer (April and May), sees the maximum number of visitors. The laser show, an additional feature, adds glamour to the musical fountain. I am sharing some pictures of the show..
I am sure you would like to see and enjoy this at least once...

Fountains dancing horizontallyShow Timings:
I Show - 7:00pm to 7:30pm
II show - 8:00pm to 8:30pm(All Mondays and second Tuesdays of the month are Holidays)

Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain
T. Chowdaiah Road, Opposite Planetarium

Monday, February 9, 2009

Lord VeeraBhadra Swamy Temple, Saawan Durga, Karnataka..

Hi Friends,

I like to share my trip on 08-Feb-2009 to Veerbhadra Temple which is located in Saawan Durga nearly 70 KMs far from Bangalore.. The Eldest son of Lord Shiva is Shri Shri Shri Veerabhadra swamy and he is very powerful.

We went by car and we were 6 people and the journey was very good.. some of roads are not good which is near to Saawan Durga but the valley is nice before that.. You will see a big dam on the way as well. Nice rounding roads and you will enjoy driving there..

It was a huge crowd there because this was the special day to celebrate their festival. Some persons with special gate-up came suddenly and entered into the temple. They all were having sword and we got scared for one moment..

Then one by one they explained something in Kannada which I could not understand may be Veerbhadra's story.. They were dancing very well and they had very scared expression onf their face :)

One huge valley is there behind this temple and it made by only one single stone which is unbelievable..

Another temple is there located at that big stone as well which has no stairs but devotee go to see their God.. Its too scary and I can't dare to climb it..

After all it was a good experience then we cam back in evening.. We were tired and slept as soon as entered in home..

Let everyone blessed with lord veerabhadreshwar blessings...
please chant always Om Shri Veerabhdresaya Namaha...

Do you wanna take this experience ???


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Are The Political Dramas Pushing India Back.....

Hi Friends,

I want to discuss our Indian Culture which is getting affected by some bad people like Sri Ram Sene and Bajrang Dal.. A lot of politics which is pushing our country back from where it can't come back to progress and competetive in involved for everything happens..

You must have heard and moreover seen the 'Sri Ram Sene' act in Mangalore pub recently. Are you agree with their acts and fight for Indian culture. Do they really mean to save the Indian culture or just want to be in Media and gain the popularity. I hate the Indian politics which encourages these type of people to do more violent attack on Indian youth who is responsible to become India a strong and developing country.

Ostensibly carried out to protect the 'morals' of society and the 'honour' of the women involved, the invocation of Hindu religion to justify the mob violence that included beating up the women and sexually molesting them is an act that ironically sullied the 'very idea' of India on the eve of the Republic Day celebrations on January 26.

The Govt. has pulled off their hands for these incidents specially when it comes to BJP. I think these incidents happen by the people who are frustrated in terms of not having money, love, support etc..If our Govt will not take any action then these incidents will be more brutal and untolerable.. How can a group of people take the Law in their hands and do the justice by temselves. Living in India means freedom with democrasy then where it has been gone.. If they really want to do something for Indian Culture then why don't they stop the Child marriage, dowry cases, divorce and a long list of activities happen almost everyday. They should bring a law of death for rapist at least. This can be possible in India only to live freely after commit a serious crime..

I am really hurted by watching the news and videos in news channels and could not watch for long time the way they were beating the girls.. People take advantage of molestating the girls and abuse them with these issues behing the political party.. A small group of some people can make a party like SRS, Bajrang Dal, VHP etc..

Do you thinks we are safe in our country. If any boy raoming with his sister then also they can do the same. Do they want roads should be divided in girls and boys separately. If you think these attacks should be stop then please raise your voice against these people who don't want to India be a powerful country.

Why don't they stop Page 3 people you see in every city's times newspaper because they are so rich, biggies and celebrities so these people can't dare to stop them..


Friday, February 6, 2009

Satyam Computer Services Limited, The biggest IT Scam...


Satyam is in news since past two months for making itself the India's biggest scam.. Raju, the founder of Satyam has confessed in his resignation letter that he was preparing to make it the biggest scam for many years and he did it all of a sudden.. He gave "Zor ka jhataka zor se" !!!

Do you think he is the only person who did it. I can't even think only one man can do such a big scam by cooking the books, buying the lands, selling the stockes etc...
The entire board has been involved in this and we don't know why Raju is hiding all and taking the blame on himself.. May be he is trying to save his family members as well because I am sure his sons are also involved in that and that is why the Satyam's money was going in 'Maytas' which is just opposite to 'Satyam'.. It might be possible his sons and others have encouraged Raju to make profits like that and he wanted to cover all things by Maytas deal.. If Maytas deal would have been done then everything would have been gone in background because then nobody would have come to know about the money and fake books etc etc...

Let's talk about the employees... Being a Satyam employee I must say its a biggest shock to its employees rather than to Indian IT and all.. We could not even think of anything for at least one week after Raju's confession.. I am allocated at Client's location through my company Satyam so almost 4 to 5 times in a week we had meetings like what is going on with the salary, acuisition, shares, CEO and so on.. We have been told always just concentrate on your work so the clients will not lose their faith and it happened. Our Clients are still with us and not willing to withdraw their projects.
I am a positive thinking person and I used to tell my colleagues also please don't scare and worry about our job and salary. We will get the salary on time and it happened not only the salary but also the medical, Insurance reimbursment and all things paid on time..

I can say Satyam has 650+ clients and out of that almost 200 are fortune 500 clients. You can think about it's huge business that is why many companies keen to acquire the Satyam but the acquisition takes at least 6 months for all processing so lets wait and watch.. Satyam has a big potential in terms of business and a good talent as well.. It has been accepted by all IT companies and they are willing to hire Satyam employees as well because their talent and hard work. I am sure Satyam will come soon on the track and the road ahead will be the same like it was earlier before its scam and all.. The Media also making the fuss of such small things in terms of salary, number of employees and all.. I don't say the board has not done anything but not like the media is coming out with issues..

I am not supporting Rajus at all but trying to be with Satyam which has given employment to a big population of our country. I request you to spare some time give your points and comments which will help me to think about my career ahead as well as optimisation towards the Satyam..


Do you think Slumdog Millaniour portraits the Indian slum areas..


I must say its a good movie to portrait the life in slum areas. In India we have slum areas in almost every cities including big and small cities, towns and villages. Its a nice movie tells about the life of people who are living poorly in these areas. I have seen the same life in many metros as well where these people are living in a house which made by wood, plastic or sometimes grass.. They have to live on footpath also in all wheathers irrespective to winter, rainy etc seasons..

I must say its a excellent movie to get to know the life of people who are facing problems in their day to day life. These people don't have anything to eat, to wear etc but our corrupt politicians will not wakeup as you know very well.. Thanks for the people who have thought for such a good movie and picturization. Every minute of the movie tells something to do..

We should at least wakeup now before the whole India is going to have more people like this.. But we don't do anything apart from advices and thoughts.. Instead of living high life style we should help them and raise such issues with Govt..

Kindly review and give your comments on the slum's life so that we can show our India's growth to at least our corrupt politicians. I think if we all will try our 1% we can make some differences and give them a better life than they are fighting with to some extent.