Monday, February 9, 2009

Lord VeeraBhadra Swamy Temple, Saawan Durga, Karnataka..

Hi Friends,

I like to share my trip on 08-Feb-2009 to Veerbhadra Temple which is located in Saawan Durga nearly 70 KMs far from Bangalore.. The Eldest son of Lord Shiva is Shri Shri Shri Veerabhadra swamy and he is very powerful.

We went by car and we were 6 people and the journey was very good.. some of roads are not good which is near to Saawan Durga but the valley is nice before that.. You will see a big dam on the way as well. Nice rounding roads and you will enjoy driving there..

It was a huge crowd there because this was the special day to celebrate their festival. Some persons with special gate-up came suddenly and entered into the temple. They all were having sword and we got scared for one moment..

Then one by one they explained something in Kannada which I could not understand may be Veerbhadra's story.. They were dancing very well and they had very scared expression onf their face :)

One huge valley is there behind this temple and it made by only one single stone which is unbelievable..

Another temple is there located at that big stone as well which has no stairs but devotee go to see their God.. Its too scary and I can't dare to climb it..

After all it was a good experience then we cam back in evening.. We were tired and slept as soon as entered in home..

Let everyone blessed with lord veerabhadreshwar blessings...
please chant always Om Shri Veerabhdresaya Namaha...

Do you wanna take this experience ???



  1. it was great that u enjoyed..:) can you forward me the complete address of the temple to my mail?

    my e-mail id is

  2. Deepesh,

    thanks for the information and wish to share with you that i am one of the devotee of LORD VEERABHADRA SWAMY


  3. Jai Verrabhadreshwara!!!

    people can anyone share songs of lord Veerabhadra swamy..

    senthil.veera at