Friday, February 6, 2009

Do you think Slumdog Millaniour portraits the Indian slum areas..


I must say its a good movie to portrait the life in slum areas. In India we have slum areas in almost every cities including big and small cities, towns and villages. Its a nice movie tells about the life of people who are living poorly in these areas. I have seen the same life in many metros as well where these people are living in a house which made by wood, plastic or sometimes grass.. They have to live on footpath also in all wheathers irrespective to winter, rainy etc seasons..

I must say its a excellent movie to get to know the life of people who are facing problems in their day to day life. These people don't have anything to eat, to wear etc but our corrupt politicians will not wakeup as you know very well.. Thanks for the people who have thought for such a good movie and picturization. Every minute of the movie tells something to do..

We should at least wakeup now before the whole India is going to have more people like this.. But we don't do anything apart from advices and thoughts.. Instead of living high life style we should help them and raise such issues with Govt..

Kindly review and give your comments on the slum's life so that we can show our India's growth to at least our corrupt politicians. I think if we all will try our 1% we can make some differences and give them a better life than they are fighting with to some extent.



  1. i agree v should take some step to divert the attention of our polition towards the life laid by the people of slum areas.

  2. Nice know 40% indains are spending life in slum due to only our corrupt politicians as u mention in your blog my friend please make politic clean

  3. hmmmmmm nice article..but something is missing. we are educated and posted comment and gossip on that topic in office and in otherplaces... we are not able to find out the minimum solution...we blamed to our politician. is it right thing ? No, bcoz by our votes they got this post...i m also as u all..i dint find any solution when i find it i will one solution is i will adopt one slum. Thanks Deepesh at least u initiate to this.

  4. Nice Deepesh..nice article.But frankly speaking the movie didn't impress me in that level. There is no doubt that the movie is good,presentation is good and top of all the music, which is the only one reason that all Indian will proud of. But my concern is not that. Foreign countries are always interested to portray the poverty of India. Have u ever seen them portraying the good and rich side of India? They always enjoy our poverty and like to make movies on that and we Indians are happy bcoz our poverty and "slumdogs" are getting awards. They also have their own "slumdogs". Why they are not making movie on that? I am happy for A.R Rehman He is truely diserving for this.

  5. Thanks for sharing your views Guys !!!