Saturday, February 7, 2009

Are The Political Dramas Pushing India Back.....

Hi Friends,

I want to discuss our Indian Culture which is getting affected by some bad people like Sri Ram Sene and Bajrang Dal.. A lot of politics which is pushing our country back from where it can't come back to progress and competetive in involved for everything happens..

You must have heard and moreover seen the 'Sri Ram Sene' act in Mangalore pub recently. Are you agree with their acts and fight for Indian culture. Do they really mean to save the Indian culture or just want to be in Media and gain the popularity. I hate the Indian politics which encourages these type of people to do more violent attack on Indian youth who is responsible to become India a strong and developing country.

Ostensibly carried out to protect the 'morals' of society and the 'honour' of the women involved, the invocation of Hindu religion to justify the mob violence that included beating up the women and sexually molesting them is an act that ironically sullied the 'very idea' of India on the eve of the Republic Day celebrations on January 26.

The Govt. has pulled off their hands for these incidents specially when it comes to BJP. I think these incidents happen by the people who are frustrated in terms of not having money, love, support etc..If our Govt will not take any action then these incidents will be more brutal and untolerable.. How can a group of people take the Law in their hands and do the justice by temselves. Living in India means freedom with democrasy then where it has been gone.. If they really want to do something for Indian Culture then why don't they stop the Child marriage, dowry cases, divorce and a long list of activities happen almost everyday. They should bring a law of death for rapist at least. This can be possible in India only to live freely after commit a serious crime..

I am really hurted by watching the news and videos in news channels and could not watch for long time the way they were beating the girls.. People take advantage of molestating the girls and abuse them with these issues behing the political party.. A small group of some people can make a party like SRS, Bajrang Dal, VHP etc..

Do you thinks we are safe in our country. If any boy raoming with his sister then also they can do the same. Do they want roads should be divided in girls and boys separately. If you think these attacks should be stop then please raise your voice against these people who don't want to India be a powerful country.

Why don't they stop Page 3 people you see in every city's times newspaper because they are so rich, biggies and celebrities so these people can't dare to stop them..



  1. Nice thoughts.... but whom to blame they doesnt belong 2 any single party all the politions are of same type they think themselves 2 b the owner of supreme power after gettng seat and general public has 2 suffer of their act they r even more dangerous then any uncurable disease 4 our country.
    In my personal opinion all general public should read this and give their comments. Its only the politions of our country who r not allowing us to b'cum powerful country & making the country disunited.

  2. Good job. What they r calling as PUB culture is not at all the culture, non of the countries have any culture called as PUB culture. Boys and Girls go to PUB only for a change and for enjoyment which is as same as then go out for picnic or any other outing. These people who r against this is only to spoil the minds of the people and to make good use of these spoilt mind and sspoilt situation. Tha other day in TV how can that fello from Rama sena tell that if girls come to PUB then will go the same again. they want girls to sit and home always. There is no safty for girls in the condition. I come form north karnata where girls/women still go for toilets in road sides keeping a watch weather anyone is coming on the way, if anyone comes they will have to run and hide themself. There so called Rama sena people can go there and build toilkets for those girls there and build toilets for them instead of doing all these....... This is all bull shit that they want to ban V'Day etc. That is the day made only to enjoy with healthy mind. V should not allow few people to force their thoughts on us. If they want dont want to celebrate let them sit at home. 1st they should clean up their own house then they can find the falt in the socity.